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3P Cluster

The 3P cluster incorporates enterprises involved in the production of typographic-, plastic-, rubber-, and chemical prdocucts as well as the production of machinery and waste management in the Kecskemét area. The majority of cluster members manufacture products necessary for the production of goods in the automotive industry (cars, commerical vehicles, transport of persons and goods), the construction industry, agriculture, food packaging, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals, as well as electronics and domestic appliances. The main objective of the 3P Cluster is to participate actively in the business development of its member companies through the creation and operation of research, development, and innovation collaborations. It provides information platforms for the cluster members to enable knowledge-sharing and raise awareness about new business approaches and results in research and innovation through organizing -among others - innovation and bechmarking clubs and trainings. Another important goal of the cluster is to generate cooperation among its members, with the involvement of the College of Kecskemét, that have the potential to create new materials, processes, and industry-specific solutions that are internationally competitive. Regular business and innovation surveys guarantee the demand-driven development of services and regional business development strategies.