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About Us

AIPA Ltd. acts as the cluster management organization for the AI3PA Smart Cluster in Kecskemét, a Special Automotive Industry Center and its catchment area. There are over 50 members in the cluster and their revenues total over HUF 200 billion. The cluster provides an opportunity for broader access to information and services for the cluster members. AI3PA Cluster is one of the few cluster organization who awarded the title of Accredited Innovation Cluster in Hungary.
AIPA Non-profit Ltd. carries out the project management tasks in the Dél-Alföld region of Hungary associated with the Mentor Pilot Program, a model program for automotive supplier development; it participates in the implementation of the Intergator Supplier Development program and in the coordination of the innovation activities of the cluster members. It creates and operates novel and effective communication platforms, for example through the Innovation and Benchmarking club events. It participates in developing and maintaining a new Aapproach towards doing business for SMEs operating in the Kecskemét region. In addition to enabling the development and facilitating the cooperation of existing enterpsises, AIPA Ltd. also aims to support start-ups and dual training in higher education in order to provide the largest number of students with the opportunity to gain relevant professional experience during the course of their studies.